Immediate Compensation for Rana Plaza Victims

People over profits   Measures have been taken for factory inspections, committees and groups have been formed, however, compensation has remained in the background.  The Government have a fund but workers are…


Government Need to Commit to Implementation of UPR Recommendations

”GOB needs to take specific and time bound commitments to implement UPR Recommendations” say the Human Rights Forum Bangladesh in the National Seminar on UPR Human Rights Forum Bangladesh (HRFB),…

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ASK Hold a Panel Discussion Regarding Bangladesh’s Engagement with UN Special Procedures

[See Press Coverage Below] The purpose of the event was to have an open dialogue with stakeholders, so that the role of the UN Special Procedures can be understood better…


Devastion of Hindu Community in Baghsitarampur Due to Facebook Post

  Investigation Report- Attack on Hindu Para Due to Facebook Post


ASK Urge Authorities to Take Tougher Action Against Border Killings

Torture by Border Security Force ( BSF ) : Death of Bangladeshi Citizen ASK expresses grave concern and condemnation Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) expresses its grave concern and condemnation…

Sexual Harassment
Mob Beating
Dowry Related
Enforced Disappearances
Deaths by Law Enforcement

Incidents of Death due to Law Enforcement Agencies

Death by Law Enforcement Agencies – Six Months Overview – 2014


“Bangladesh’s Engagement with the UN Special Procedures” – ASK Panel Discussion

Programme Outline UN Special Procedures Mechanism is a key human rights mechanism which ASK and other organisations in Bangladesh have been working with various Special Procedures. Drawing from the experience,…