Amar Prithibi by Khursheed Erfan Ahmed

Amar Prithibi by Khursheed Erfan Ahmed Amar Prithibi is a compilation of texts, modules and materials on general education for adolescent children. It shares experience of child centered learning with educators. Amar Prithibi has evolved from a series of workshops into a twelve unit syllabi on humanities facilitated by trained educators for working children at Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK), Dhaka. It is used as a Teacher’s Manual for Child centered learning with materials on 12 topics (Myself, My Body, My Health, My Food, My Country, My Environment, My Neighbours, My Culture, My Reproductive Health and Gender, My History, My Beliefs, My Rights) and is used both for literate and non-literate children and their parents.

Published in 1998
Price: 200