Self portrait- 25 years of ASK

The book ‘self-portrait- 25 years of ASK’ is a small effort to see its’ own face in the mirror. 25 years is a long time. Ain o Salish Kendra just completed its’ 25 years this year. In all these years, as ASK’s calibre has increased, it has also involved itself in a wide variety of work which cannot be accomodated in one book in any  way. That is why this mirror book of ASK can be said to be just a partial reflection of a huge structure.

Self portrait- 25 years of ASK The book is divided into three sections. First, it talks about ASK’s founder members, members, former and old employees, which is an indicator of the organisation’s multidimensional growth since its’ birth. Alongside that, the writers shared their experiences under the headline of ‘was with, and now with’ which has made this part even richer in content. Second part is named ‘those we stood by’. Ain o Salish Kendra is a human rights organisation and in our country violation of human rights occur every now and then. From that perspective, ASK has stood by so many in this long time that the number cannot be counted easily. Thus ASK took five people ASK stood by who shared how they had ASK by their side in their time of misery. Moreover, here we can see examples of violation of human rights at home to the state level. The third section is named ‘our work’ whereby ASK’s work as per unit has been expressed. To this effect it is noteworthy that ASK publishes yearly annual report where yearly plans and achievements are explained in relation to each unit. Mainly the report contains the accounts of the work which is specifically jotted down. The book has tried to break that specification so as to tell the story of 25 years in the ‘our work’ section. At present, ASK has 17 units and one component. Among these, information providing to help unit consists of three sub-units: Administration unit, Accounts and finance unit, planning, monitoring and evolution unit. It is to be noted that ASK did not have this structured face in the beginning. In different stages of growth, units were created from other units due to need and new components were born out of such needs. All these are dealt with in the last section.

Self-portrait- 25 years of ASK’s role has been written by Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK)’s founder member and chairperson Hameeda Hossain. Her analytical writing reflects ASK’s status starting from its foundation to its present condition as a whole.

Self Portrait- 25 years of ASK
Ain O Shalish Kendra (ASK)
7/17, Block-B, Lalmatia,Dhaka-1207
Publication date- September 2011

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