Succesful Arrest of Rapist | Litigation Unit

Case Study

*Real Names have been withheld for safety 

GuiltySima Akther* told us that her younger sister Liza Akther*  is physically and mentally disabled. Their mother is their father’s second wife.

Fifteen years ago their father sent their mother, Rabia Begum out from the house. The two sisters grew up in a very neglected environment. Several years after the marriage of Sima Akther, she brought her younger sister Liza to live with her. Liza has been living with her for seven years. When Sima would go to her in law’s house, she occasionally leaves Liza at their father’s home.

On the 23rd of October 2012,  when Sima went to her in law’s house for celebrating eid she dropped Liza at her father’s house. In her father’s house, her step brother Kobir Hossain (a pseudonym) raped Lima and frightened her by threatening to kill her.

After Eid Sima brought Liza back to her home. A few days after returning home, Liza became sick, Sima took her to the doctor. When Liza did not recover after taking medication the doctor suggested some medical tests along with laser ultrasonography.

Liza found pregnant through ultrasonography report. When Sima  asked about the pregnancy, Liza told her that she had been raped by her step brother. Sima told her father but he did not take any steps.


Sima communicated with ASK and with the help of ASK she filed a case against her step brother for committing rape.

After the case was filed police arrested the criminal i.e. her step brother.