Environmental Justice | Challenges, Access and Necessity of National Network | Iqbal Kabir

Iqbal Kabir, from Bangladesh Environmental  Lawyers Assosciation (BELA) presented Environmental Justice: Challenges, Access and Necessity of National Network  in the Public Interest Litigation Workshop which was held by the Advocacy Unit from ASK between the 28th to the 30th August 2013

The presentation covered how recent problems such as Contamination of rivers in Bangladesh, unplanned urbanisation, Degradation of forests, Salinity Intrusion and Loss of Agricultural Land, Disasters leading to climate refugees, industrial pollution and ship breaking are addressed legally.  See below for full slide show.

[slideshare id=27013046&doc=iqbalkabir-ain-o-shalish-131009054844-phpapp01]

Watch Full Presentation on Slide share.