”Bangladesh : Still to Prove Itself” | Chapter in ANNI Report 2013 | [English]

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Asian NGO Networks on National Human Rights Institutions (ANNI)  is a network of Human Rights Organisations and defenders engaged with National Human Rights Institutions in Asia to ensure the accountability of these bodies for the promotion and protection of Human Rights. ASK prepares the country report on the performance of the Bangladesh National Human Rights Commission.

The report prepared by ASK seeks to evaluate the compliance of the NHRC with the Paris Principles and provides a brief assessment of the human rights situation in Bangladesh. The report also identifies how the NHRC addresses the violations of human rights and the weakness in its mandate as well as approaches which reduces its independence and the effectiveness of its strategies.

ANNI Report 2013

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Last year, the report was focused on the evaluation of the NHRC and its mandate over the last two years since its formation. The report had been prepared jointly by Sultana Kamal, Executive Director, ASK and Zakir Hossain a Steer Committee member of the Human Rights Forum Bangladesh. Click for Full report