Bulletin – July 2014

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Concerns have been raised at the Impunity of Law enforcement agencies, which have exceeded beyond laws and limits without the Government taking appropriate measures.  The most recent case where a Sub Inspector Jahidur Rahman Khan, was found responsible for torture and custodial death of a garments waste trader in Mirpur . He had also been involved with a previous custodial death, just a few months ago in February 2014. Had he received appropriate punitive treatment, perhaps the new victim could have been saved.

It is alleged that, these officers abuse their power for extortion, they take advantage of their connections, for example in the seven Naryanganj murders where a political party leader paid money for RAB Officers to commit the murders.

 According to ASK Documentation there have been 28 reported cases of custodial deaths in the first six months of 2014 and 94 people have been allegedly killed by Law Enforcement agencies over this period.

In an ASK Panel Discussion this month, where the importance of the role of Independent Special Rapporteurs and their reporting on thematic areas of violations was the topic of discussion, the Director General of UN and Human Rights Affairs, UNDP, Saida Muna Tasneem  denied the term ”Extra judicial Killings” existed in Bangladesh.

It is concerning the State are failing to recognise extra judicial killing  and actions of the Rapid Action Batallion, there needs to be immediate measures which secure the right to life for its citizens in Bangladesh. Whether they have committed a crime or not, they have the right to remain alive in the hands of law enforcement officers who are employed to serve and protect the public.

 We need to see visible, concrete, time bound steps.

 Ain o Salish Kendra

Legal Aid and Human Rights Organisation