Bulletin – September 2014

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Contents in ASK Bulletin Autumn Issue

Cover Story Independence of Judiciary, accountability and impeachment

Muhammad Amirul Haq Tuhin


1.  Dissatisfaction at Readymade garments sector, misery of workers

By Liaqat Ali Shobuj

2. Establishment of BGB headquarter and 21 indigenous families are evicted

(51 Battalion headquarter at Khagrachari district)

By Anirban Shaha


3. Fire at Mirpur Bihari Palli: By John Asit Das


  1. Naval accident and our limitation: By Sameer Karmaker
  2. National Broadcast Policy 2014: By A.K.M. Bulbul ahmed
  3. Fatwa: By Amreen Khan
  4. High Court Direction for prevention of using chemicals on Fruits: By Zakia Sultana,
  5. The Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulation Act 2014 and an overview:  By Sameer Karmaker


Arab- Jews Conflict, not historical: By Najesh Afroz

How long blood shedding of Palestinians be continued: Mijan Mollik

Human Rights

Involvement of Bangladesh with the United Nations Special Procedure Mechanism, By Tamanna Hoq Riti


Salma Apa, so far I have seen: By Salma Khatun


Bulletin September 2014