ASK’s statement on the International day of the Disappeared

On the observation of International Day of the Disappeared Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) is expressing its grave concern about the increasing rate of incidents of enforced disappearances over years. United Nations human rights experts have also raised their concern regarding this growth and the consistent allegation by the victims’ family and eye-witnessed about the involvement of Law Enforcement Agency’s with the incidents of enforced disappearances.

According to the statistics of ASK depending on media reports and its own sources since 2007-2017 (July), 540 persons were abducted in guise of Law Enforcement Agency as claimed by the family and well wishers. Later on, few were shown arrested/detained, 78 dead bodies were found, and 347 persons are still missing. 45 persons are disappeared since January to July of 2017. But with grave concern ASK is observing that amid these continuous incidents of disappearances the Government of Bangladesh is constantly denying the occurrence of this gross violation of human rights. This is followed by lack of proper investigation and accountability of the accused and thus the victim’s family remains in dark. Moreover the state party does not acknowledge or effectively criminalize the incidents of enforced disappearances.

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) demands that state must acknowledge such incidents of enforced disappearances. It also urges to the Government of Bangladesh to ratify the International treaty on “International Convention for the protection of all Persons from Enforced Disappearance” and its implementation in national laws. Giving this issue highest priority state should establish an independent commission ensuring transparent and accountable investigation and prosecution of HR violations by state agencies, and reparations for victims and to find the victims of disappearance immediately as it violates the basic human rights leaving fear and tension among people.