Guardians’ Request to bring their Children to Court: Complaints of 11 Students being detained in DB Office for 3 days

It is known through news media reports that on Wednesday, 31 students were taken away of which 11 were detained by people identifying as DB Police. It is the families’ complaints that the students have been detained in the DB Office by the law enforcing agency for 3 days. ASK gravely condemns and expresses concern on this incidence.

According to media reports, complaints have been raised against the Dhaka Metropolitan Police, Detective Branch, regarding the taking away of 11 students from different areas of Dhaka and detaining them for 3 days. The students’ families have also mentioned that they were not informed for what reason their children were detained. Moreover, it is also known that on 5 September, 31 people were taken away by the Detective Branch of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police from Mohakhali, Tejkunipara, and the area of BG Press. After a day, detaining only 11 of them, the rest were released from the DB Office on Mintu Road after they signed a bond.

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) thinks that the behavior of the law enforcing agencies against the students, who were involved in safe road movements in protest of the death of their classmates by road accident, is not justifiable at all. ASK calls for the law enforcement agency to take responsibility of their behavior. Besides, the mentioned complaints of detaining students and not presenting them before the Court is illegal and an extreme violation of Human Rights.