Digital Security Act made Effective : ASK Expresses Concern

Despite the various discussions held with journalists, where they were assured that their concerns regarding the controversial provisions of the Digital Security Act will be considered, the Act was sent to the President for his approval and the President has duly signed it. Through this, the Act has been made effective as of date. Although the government has given assurance to have further discussion about the law, ASK expresses frustration and concern as no discussion was held with the relevant stakeholders on this matter.

Since the formulation of the Draft Digital Security Act, human rights activists and journalists have been claiming that various provisions of this Act are supplementary to the highly controversial and misused Section 57 of the Information and Communication Technology Act. They have been stating that these controversial provisions are violations of the Constitution, democratic principles and human rights. They have expressed their concern time and again to the government. Despite getting various assurances from the government, no significant change has been brought to the Act.

We are extremely upset that the government has prepared this Act, completely disregarding the opinions of the human rights activists and journalists. We demand the government to immediately clarify the ambiguous provisions of this Act and prepare a definite policy on it.