Woman Harassed in Dhaka at Night at Police Check Post: Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) Expresses Concern

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) expresses serious concern over an incident of harassing a woman passenger at mid-night in the roads of Dhaka city at a police check-post, and also humiliated the woman by sharing the harassment video in the social media.
According to social media and media sources–a woman passenger was travelling to her destination in a auto-rickshaw CNG late at night. In the mid-way, on-duty policemen stopped her CNG and asked her various unnecessary questions, made comments in offensive languages and constantly shone a torch at her face. In spite of repeatedly asking the police to check her bag, the police members continued to misbehave with her. And the whole incident was video-recorded at the moment. Later, a policeman posted the video from his Facebook account and asked everyone to share the video making it viral. In its immediate aftermath, there was severe criticism in the social media regarding such behaviour of policemen with a woman. As a result, the police administration informed that those who are involved with the incident has been identified and appropriate measures would be taken against them.
This kind of behaviour of the police, entrusted with the responsibility to ensure security of the citizens, is completely unacceptable. This behaviour is also an expression of insensitivity of the police towards women. This will surely increase the existing lack of confidence among the women towards the police forces. ASK demands public disclosure in the media of the legal and departmental actions that would be taken against those who are involved with this incident.