Ain o Salish Kendra Expresses Concern on the Incidents of Mass Arrests

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) expresses grave concern on the incidents of mass arrests surrounding political party programs.

Newspaper sources report indiscriminate arrests on allegations of interruption in governmental activities, cocktail blasts, sabotage or plotting of sabotage. It has been further reported that on 7 November 2018, Dhaka Metropolitan Police and district police brought 431 persons to courts on cases of sabotage. Out of them, the courts approved remand application for interrogation of 310 accused. There are worries that these mass arrests actually took place surrounding the Jatiyo Oikya Front mass gatherings held recently.

Such measures taken by the law enforcing agencies are contradictory to the constitutional provisions in relation to the safeguards as to arrest and detention (Article 33) as well as the guarantees of freedom of movement (Article 36). ASK believes that such actions will give an adverse impression of the construction of democracy, freedom of expression, and rule of law. It will also create a sense of fear and insecurity among the common people.
ASK deeply condemns such incidents and expresses concerns. Besides, it also urges all relevant authorities to refrain from taking any steps that goes against the rule of law and democracy.