Election centric Violence and Failure of Election Commission to take any Effective Steps: Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK)’s Concern

Various media sources are reporting incidents of attacks, clashes and different types of violence surrounding the upcoming 11th national election. ASK expresses grave concern and at the same time demands that the Election Commission take prompt measures against those involved in these incidents.

According to media reports, incidents of attacks, obstructions and clashes have been taking place since the beginning of election campaigns, on 10 December. It has been further reported that most of the attacks are taking place against members of a particular political group. However,  the Election Commission has not yet taken any effective measures regarding these incidents. The role of the Election Commission, to prevent violence and attacks and in taking actions against those responsible, are being questioned.

As the election-day is getting nearer, concerns and worries are growing in public mind. The commission needs to take swift steps to fulfill its constitutional obligation in holding a peaceful, participatory and acceptable election; it has to ensure equal opportunities for all candidates, and also guarantee an environment in which voters will be able to exercise their right to vote freely, without any fear.