Allegation of Gang-rape in Subarnachar at Noakhali : Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK)’s Grave Condemnation and Concern

Allegations of gang-rape and beating up a woman have been raised against Awami League supporters for her refusal to vote for the candidate of their choice. Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) expresses grave condemnation and concern over this incident.

It has been reported in various mass media that at the night of 30 December 2018, a woman was gang-raped and beaten while her husband and children were tied up in Char Jublee Union of Noakhali’s Subarnachar Upazilla. According to the complainant, who is currently under treatment at a hospital, she was attacked due to her refusal to vote for the candidate that the men had suggested. She has further claimed that factions of the group who attacked her are supporters of local Awami League, and she was attacked as she rejected to vote for their candidate and chose to vote for the candidate who was competing with “sheaf of paddy” symbol

To vote for the candidate of one’s preference is every citizen’s constitutional and political right. Making an attempt to influence anyone by threatening or otherwise attacking out of vengeance in such a despicable manner cannot be part of the political culture in a civilised country. ASK strongly demands quick and neutral investigation of the allegation and those found guilty based on evidence be brought under legal action. Besides, the organization urges each political party to strictly instruct their supporters at all levels to refrain from these types of revengeful attacks. Such appalling acts should by no means get backing by any political party.