Bullet-ridden Bodies Recovered: Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK)’s Concern

Two bullet-hit dead bodies of persons accused of rape case were recently recovered and there was a note tied on their neck with mention of rape. Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) expresses its grave concern over such mysterious deaths.

According to media reports, on 17 January, the police recovered a bullet-hit dead body of a person named Ripon, who is accused to rape an adolescent girl. There was a note tied with the dead body’s neck where Ripon’s identity and occurrence of rape were mentioned. According to Ripon’s family member, a number of plain-clothes men who introduced themselves as DB Police lifted him up. However, DB police has rejected their claim. On the other hand, on 26 January, a bullet-hit dead body of another accused of rape case was recovered from Kathalia Upazilla of Jhalokathi, with a similar note hanging with the deceased’s body.

ASK is deeply concerned over the happening of these two similar incidents within a short time. ASK thinks that the incidents should be properly investigated to reveal the truth. According to our Constitution and human rights principles, every human being has a right to justice under the law. This type of extra judicial killing sends a wrong message to the society. It creates lack of trust of the people on the law and order, law enforcement agency, judiciary and above all on the state, which is not at all good for a country. ASK demands quick investigation of the cases and strengthening of the conviction process for any kind of crimes.