Preventing Online Sexual Harassment of Children: Legal Analysis

Discussion Meeting

Preventing Online Sexual Harassment of Children: Legal Analysis

 On 28 January 2019, Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) organised a discussion meeting, titled, “Preventing Online Sexual Harassment of Children: Legal Analysis” in ICT Tower, Agargaon. In the meeting, ASK shared the analysis of Information and Communication Technology Act 2006, Pornography Control Act 2012 and Digital Security Act 2018 and put forward some recommendations to be incorporate into these laws for providing legal protection to the children from online sexual harassment. Abul Mansur Mohammad Sharf Uddin, Controller (Joint Secretary), Office of the CCA, ICT Division, Jiauddin Ahmed, Asst. Controller (Senior Assistant Secretary), Investigation Officer and other officials of ICT Division attended the discussion meeting.

Abul Mansur Mohammad Sharf Uddin shared that the Pornography Control Act 2012 and the Children Act 2013 shall be revised in order to develop a separate legal provision on online sexual harassment of children. He further added that the mass people shall be made aware and careful of such provisions in order to protect children from online sexual exploitation and harassment.

 Md. Saimum Reza Talukder, Sr. Lecturer, School of Law, BRAC University, and Advocate, District Court, Dhaka recommended the Government to form a Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) under the supervision of Digital Security Agency of the Digital Security Act 2018, where the CERT shall be a quasi-judicial body consisting of law enforcement personnel, technological experts, judges, lawyers, government officials and members from the civil society. This team shall be responsible to provide one stop service to the victims of online harassments and cybercrimes by acknowledging complaint to conducting digital forensic of cybercrime, organising trial and punishing the offenders. He further opined that Bangladesh needs a strong Data Protection Act in compliance with the data protection laws in other parts of the world, e.g. General Data Protection Regulation of European Union.

Moqsud Malaque, Team Leader, Child Rights Unit of ASK facilitated the discussion and urged the authority to act immediately for ensuring safe online environment for the children.