Fire at Chawkbazar, at least 80 people died : Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) Expresses Deep Condolence

Around 80 people have died in the fire that took place at Chawkbazar, Old Dhaka. Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) has expressed deep sorrow over the incident.

According to the Media reports and Fire Services, at around 40 minutes past 10 at night, a fire broke out from the chemical factory at the ground floor of the five-storied Wahed Mansion building. The fire fast spread out at adjoining cosmetics factory, several plastic goods shops and restaurants. As many as 80 people died and numerous others including women and children were injured in that incident. Those injured are currently undergoing treatment at Dhaka Medical College, Sir Salimullah Medical Hospital and other nearby hospitals. Despite the High Court’s directive following the Nimtoli tragedy of 2010, to remove the chemical factories from densely populated area of residential area in Old Dhaka; no progress have been made due to indifference of the businessmen, building owners, hoarders as well as lack of strict measures by the authorities. ASK believes serious inquiry should be done to find out why that directive has not been implemented yet.

ASK is deeply aggrieved by this unwanted incident. Effective investigation should be conducted on this tragic event. ASK urges the government to compensate the affected families and ensure proper treatment for the injured. Besides, it demands coordinated efforts by the authorities for the urgent relocation of the storehouses.