Home Minister’s remarks regarding ‘Cross Fire’ during Anti-drug Drive: ASK’s Protest

Ani o Salish Kendra (ASK) is protesting against the statement of the Home Minister about the ongoing anti-drug campaign in the anti-drugs rally, calling for a judicial inquiry committee to investigate such incidents.
According to the media sources, on 9 March, 2019 in an anti-drugs rally organized by the Department of Narcotics Control in Dhaka, the Home Minister has firmly said that law enforcement forces fire for the sake of self-defense, not the ‘crossfire’. During the anti-drug campaign, a large number of people (according to ASK data, collected from various sources, 314 people have died since May 2018) Despite the death in crossfire, the minister said that the way the law enforcement agencies are operating, the operation shall continue.And because of their right to self-defense, law enforcement agencies will enforce their right. Also he tried to illustrate the rationality of ongoing operations in Bangladesh by dragging examples of other South American countries and anti-drug operations in the Philippines. The ministry concerned with the law enforcement agencies and security forces, ASK is protesting against such a statement of the minister. There have been several allegations of abuse of power against the forces already in the anti-drug campaign. We heard audio records of the death of councilor EkramulHuq, that was well planned not crossfire, and no progress can be seen in the investigation of that incident. The Minister mentioning the examples of the countries that brought the paradigm of anti-drug campaign to the world as critically acclaimed and recognized as the worst example of human rights abuses and abuses of power.Though the minister has claimed that the attack was initially initiated by the opponent, in most cases, but we hear different types of statements from the victims’ families and relatives in the media. At the same time, anti-drug campaigns are being operated in the same way by the law enforcement agencies which is questioning the capabilities of these forces.

ASK believes that such speeches of the responsible people of the government, actually contradict to the constitutional rights of the Right to Life and the Equal Protection of law and the grave violence of the UN Human Rights ratified by Bangladesh. ASK demands to form an independent judicial investigation committee to investigate the incidents of ‘crossfire’ in addition to intensifying such speech.