Leadership and Life Skill Training for Selected School Theatre Group Members (Residential)

A leader always knows how to lead and take a team forward collectively utilising the skills and knowledge of each of the members of the team to its full advantage. Be it a teacher or a student, in this era, everyone is required to have such leadership skills. Once they are given such training, they become eligible to sustain far better in life and take decisions by themselves, and outshine others.

Keeping this in mind, Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) organised for a weeklong residential training on ‘Leadership and Life Skills’ for members of the Biddyaloy Nattya Dal (BINAD) (School Theatre Group) from 25 to 29 August 2019, at CCDB Hope Foundation, Savar, Dhaka.

The participants received their training on multiple issues including the various types of leadership, skills, human rights, gender and communication, relations among characterisation, and production. There were theatrical discussions related to human rights, gender and law.