Kamla Bhasin Passes Away: Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK)’s Deepest Condolence and Respect

Kamla Bhasin, one of the pioneering feminist icon, authors, poet, and rights activist in the Asia Pacific, passes away at the age of 75 in Delhi early morning Saturday on 25 September 2021, after a spirited battle against liver cancer. Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) is deeply saddened at the news and truly beliefs that it is an innumerable loss for the feminist movement in the region to establish gender justice and equality. Bhasin was a true inspiration for millions who come forward to challenge patriarchy, break all shackles and build a more equal and humane world.

Bhasin was the founder of Sangat, a South Asian feminist network, as well as the co-founder of Jagori, a women’s resource and training center in New Delhi. She believed that the amalgamation of feminist theory with community action and mobilisation will usher an effective change within the society, and thus, always worked with underprivileged women from tribal and working communities. She used mediums such as posters, poems, and slogans which crossed beyond the territorial bounds of a country. Bhasin’s involvement and advocacy in challenging gender inequality and patriarchal attitudes towards the establishment of equal rights for women and men will always be remembered.

ASK has been an active proponent and advocate for women’s rights in Bangladesh standing up against gender bias and inequality in every facet of life. ASK pays humble homage to this iconic figure who was a fighter till her last breath, stands in condolence with her family members and prays for the departed soul. ASK beliefs that her principles and practices are what will pave the way for the future generation to further cultivate their beliefs on feminism, gender and equality.