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Reported Incidents of Journalist Harassment in 2014

Two Journalists have been murdered this Quarter in 2014  Mr. Shah Alam –  Sagor (40) the journalist of by monthly newspaper “Oporadhad Domon”              …

ASK Condemn Violence Against Journalists – Press Statement

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) expresses grave concern and strongly condemns the incident on assaulting six Journalists of the private television channel-Ekushey Television by the Interns of Dhaka Mitford Hospital….

Reported Cases of Death Jail Custody in 2014

  Deaths in Jail Custody – Q1 – 2014 – ASK Documentation

58 Alleged Deaths by Law Enforcement Officials in 2014

58 People have lost their lives due to torture or death cause by Law Enforcement Agencies. 54 People were killed by ”Crossfire”, 33 without arrest and 21 in Custody ”Ain…

Reported Border Violence From January to March 2014

Border Violence  61 Incidents of Violence Reported at the Indian/ Bangladesh Border – See breakdown of Border Districts Below. 3 people Shot Dead. 1 Death due to Torture, 1 Death…