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Political Violence | January – 31st December 2013

Political Violence During Blockade Q4 Political Clashes and Hartals Q4  

Burn Injuries due to Political Violence | 24 December 2013

Recent Injurey due to Arson Attacks 23 December 2013  – Read Full Story of Injuries on third day of blockade Photo Diary of Burn Victims : Warning : Graphic  …

Burn Victims Due to Political Violence | 10 th December 2013

Click table to view casualties due to arson attacks in the recent wave of political violence. Burn Victims due to Political Violence – Jan – 10th December  

Political Violence Casualties | January – September 2013

  424 Reported Incidents of Political Violence 189 People Killed 10,048 People Injured 100 People Killed in clashes with police Political Clashes and Hartals Q3

Political Clashes and Hartals

Between January and March ASK Documentation recorded 216 Incidents were 284 people were killed and 9524 people injured. Political Clashes and Hartals   Political Violence from February to March