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Rights and Realities

Rights and Realities is a collection of articles written by members and staff of Ain o Salish Kendra published in various national dailies over the period 1993 to 1996. Out…

Dharshon-Porobarti Aini Lorai

Dharshon-Porobarti Aini Lorai

A simply written and illustrated handbook on legal procedures and legal aid that victims of rape can avail from ASK and other like-minded organizations. Published in 1999. Price: 40

Rising from the Ashes

”Rising from the Ashes” | Book Review

Review Rising from the Ashes: Women’s Narratives of 1971 is, from a critical standpoint, a compendium of almost all facets of human nature, ranging from extreme cruelty to supreme acts of…

RAB: Stop Terrorism or Terrorism by the State

RAB: Stop Terrorism or Terrorism by the State

Since its formation in 2004 the methods used by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) to curb crimes and arrest criminals have aroused concern amongst leading human rights defenders. Reports of…

A Practical Handbook on filing complaints to the NHRC

Handbook on the complaint mechanism of the National Human Rights Commission, Bangladesh

Download: Summary Summary of NHRC Hand Book( English) Summary of NHRC Hand Book( Bangla) Download: Full Version (5.31 MB)

Public Interest Litigation

On completion of 7 years since the publication of the first appearance of the book, ‘Public Interest Litigation’ by ASK, the third edition of the book was published in June…