Halfway Home

ASK’s emergency support system includes a secure home for children and women survivors during the interim period of legal aid services. Some women and children are unable to go back to their families or communities due to fear of social stigma or threats, and require long term support for rehabilitation. In these cases they are referred to relevant government and NGO support services.


Clients at ASK’s Halfway Homes receive support for shelter, medical care and counseling as well as orientation on family laws, women’s rights, violence against women. The Home also provides basic literacy, vocational training, recreational facilities and support in identifying and pursuing employment opportunities.

The Mediation and Litigation Units provide legal support. Clients can usually stay in the Halfway Home for 10-15 days. During this time ASK arranges long-term shelter for clients and/or refers them to other partner organizations for further support and follow-up. If clients cannot be referred to other organizations for long-term shelter, their stay can be extended at ASK up to six months to one year.

Currently the Home can give shelter to 15 women and children. For every client, a General Diary has to be filled in Mohammadpur Thana before giving the shelter.


Emergency Support System provides support all over the country but the Halfway Home is located in Dhaka and beneficiaries are only women and children.

Support Service and Halfway Home has four staff members in their Unit.

ASK has been running its Halfway Home in a rented 3 storied building. Five staffs (Counselor, Superintendent, Metron, Aya and Cook) are working 24 hours at the Home.