Mediation & Rapid Response


Mediation and rapid response

ASK legal aid is not the work of a single unit but a comprehensive approach program that requires the involvement of five separate units. They are a) Mediation and Rapid Response, b) Litigation, 3) Psycho-Social counseling, 4) Support service & half-way home & 5) Outreach legal aid service.

If the subject matter allows for mediation, after registering the complaint, steps are taken to settle the matter by conducting mediation. Objective of mediations are many: solve the complaints out of court in speedy and fruitful manner through mediation, resolve dispute using easier method, satisfy both parties, providing a space for women to participate in the process and to avoid complicated and lengthy court process. To initiate the mediation process, notice is served either by post or by hand to the opposite party. If the opposite parties do not respond to the 1st notice, 2nd notice, and then final notice is served upon him/her either by post or by hand. If the opposite party responses to the notice and comes to the clinic and agrees to sit with the first party for mediation, a date is fixed to sit and the first party is called to come on the fixed date. On that fixed date mediation is conducted in the presence of both the parties. Staff of ASKs facilitates the mediation. If necessary, more than one sitting is arranged. When the parties come to an agreed conclusion with some decisions, formal agreements are done with the parties.  When mediation process cannot bring any result or the opposite party does not respond to mediation, a case is filed in court by the ASK staff lawyer or Panel lawyer in accordance with the interest of the party. Furthermore, ASK also help the victims of gross violence to get to the police station, assist them in getting access to the legal process like filing GD, FIR.ASK also maintain liaison with lawyers, public prosecutor, police and pursuance to the concern authorities for enabling people to have access to justice.

ASKs another service, Psychosocial Counseling is working to provide psychosocial support to clients and capacity building on relevant field of different level human rights actors. Psychosocial counseling is provided to clients for symptomatic relief, emotional equilibrium and decision making incase of human rights violation.

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) established its emergency shelter for the survivors of violence and HR violation to enable vulnerable women & children fleeing an immediate threat of violence. Obviously they are client of legal aid. These survivors of violence need special care during the court and mediation proceedings. At that time survivors need not only safe shelter, but also food, medical support, and psychosocial help. For special cases sometimes they need long-term support for rehabilitation considering their security and confidentiality, and they are referred to the relevant government and NGO support services for future development.

ASK has extended its legal aid services in partnership with local NGOs in six districts namely, Barisal, Chittagong, Satkhira, Hobigonj, Rajshahi and Tangail districts through outreach legal aid service.

At present ASK Legal Aid clinic in Dhaka: 5

  1. ASK office
  2. Goran Legal Aid clinic, 322/2, Uttar Goran
  3. Victim Support Center, Tejgaon Police Station
  4. Government Shelter Home, Gazipur
  5. 54,Johnson Road Legal Aid clinic

ASK –PNGO Legal Aid clinic Outside Dhaka: 6

  1. Association of volentary Action for Society(AVAS), AVAS bhabon (besides of Amir kuthir lane), Alakenda road, Barishal, Cell:01719574672.
  2. Organization for Women’s Development in Bangladesh (OWDEB), Salam Building (1stfloor),Abdus Sobhan R/A, Shaheed Para, Chandgaon, Chittagong. Cell: 01830737400.
  3. SODESH, Roycharon Road, Aamtolir mor, Kotia, Satkhira. Cell:01735128708.
  4. Hobigonj Unnayan Sangsta(HUS), 18, Women’s College Road, Hobigonj, Cell:
  5. Barendra Unnayan Prochesta(BUP), Professor Para, Choto Bongram, Bagan Para,Sapura, Boalia, Rajshahi, Cell: 01722405080,
  6. Rural Poor Development Organization(RPDO), House # 13, Block- E, East Adalat Para, Green Road, Cell: 01728011663.