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Women’s policy: What is the fuss about?

Hameeda Hossain WHY so much noise about a policy which does no more than reaffirm commitments of earlier documents? The protests by a few religious clerics surrounding the declaration of…

Bulletin – June 2008

Bulletin 2008, June Issue HTML VersionPublished in June 2008

No dismissal or forceful retirement for in-service disabilities

Millat Hossain The Daily Star 15.03.2008 Employees cannot be dismissed or forced to take voluntary retirement for acquiring disabilities during his/her service. In stead, they must be shifted to posts…

Women’s rights in jeopardy

Qumrunnessa Nazly On 8 March 2008, the chief of the present interim government declared a policy document on women development: Jatio Nari Unnayan Niti 2008. Even before this policy, we…

Ensure justice for the death of Adivasi leader Cholesh Richil

The 18th of March marked the first anniversary of the death of Adivasi Leader Cholesh Richil after his being arrested and taken into the custody of the Joint Forces. In…

Bulletin March 2008

Bulletin – March 2008

HTML Version Published in March 2008