Press Statement
Ahmadiyya Mosque Imam Hacked Inside the Mosque

Ahmadiyya Mosque Imam Hacked Inside the Mosque: ASK Demands Exemplary Punishments of the Miscreants

Imam Mostafizur Rahman, 35, of Khanpur mosque in Sharisha Union of Ishwarganj was hacked by the miscreants indiscriminately with sharp weapons inside the mosque by a group of three to…

Ahmadiyya Mosque Imam Hacked Inside the Mosque
Slum Dweller’s Rights and Reality

Discussion on Slum Dweller’s Rights and Reality: Challenges and Way Forward in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

  ‘Achievement of Agenda 2030 is not possible keeping aside a large number of the disadvantaged groups, specially the slum dwellers, and urban poor who are fighting for survival’– was…

Statement of a Bangladeshi Migrant Girl Rescued from Malaysia

Case study – Statement of a Bangladeshi Trafficked Girl Rescued from Malaysia

‘I was raped more than 20 times in three days, they even could have killed me, today I am back to my country alive, I feel like it is my…

Death of Romel chakma by Army personnel