Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Unit-a learning organ of ASK


The Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Unit was established in September 2007  to develop/update programme management system through developing a proper monitoring and review mechanism for enabling ASK to track the progress of the program implementation in a systematic way. The main activities of this unit are: preparing project proposals, monitoring activities of units and providing feedback, liaising with donors, preparing reports, providing logistic support to evaluation exercises whether by internal or external sources, developing formats for programme monitoring, supervising and monitoring the use and performance of a new MIS system for ASK.

General objective of the unit: To establish a sound and continuously updated databank that produce quality reports and to monitor progress towards agreed targets, evaluate outcomes and impact and is used to effectively manage and adjust interventions on evidence.

Specific objectives:  The specific objectives will be to provide the following information to the management regularly for decision-making during programme implementation and full fill the requirements of reports

  • Building coherent planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting systems linking Units/Components
  • Information on current situation
  • Problem identification and possible solutions (at intervention level)
  • Information on trends and patterns of programme implementation through the Management Information System
  • Information on whether the activities on schedule
  • Periodically evaluate/measure the progress of intervention with respect to specific objective, outcome and output indicators through appropriate data collections processes
  • Collect, compile and prepare good quality reports.


PME is responsible for monitoring, reporting and evaluation of whole ASK programmes. Therefore, we work with both the programme people (including PNGOs, and other stakeholders) and management team. PME gives feedback and recommendations to the management, programme people and partners. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are followed for collection of data in the field level.

From 2012, PME works in the following way:

  • Monitoring by own unit staff (with the assistance of concerned unit)
  • Reporting by own staff and outsourcing for annual report for the


  • Arrange base-line survey and evaluation: outsourcing but will assist the team
  • Short assessment of partners/forum by own staff (with the assistance of concerned unit and partners)
  • M&E training by own staff
  • MIS by own staff and outsourcing
  • Maintain regular liaison with Donors (under the Supervision

of the ED).

Target people

ASK management, Executive Committee, donor partners, Partner NGOs, Govt. Institutions etc.

Major Activities

•     Compile & analyse data, and prepare six monthly and annual reports for donors; assist to prepare annual report for the organization; 12 monthly reports; 12 reports for DC office; four reports for NGOAB and four reports for the Executive Committee and presented the reports in the meetings.

•     Annually develop an operational work plan and revolving work plan.

•     Develop and prepare new project proposals.

•     As input to proposal writing, conduct Logical Framework Analyses (LFA) workshops with staff of implementing units.

•     Monitor activities of ASK units, identify deviations and provide feedback on whether the activities are on track, assist with suggestions about how to compensate. Monitoring feedbacks is given to units as well as management.

•     Provide feedback on quarterly, six monthly and annual reports written by units.

•     Provide planning and logistical support for field visits by donors and evaluation teams; coordinate work of consultants and facilitate their access to ASK reports, documents and staff.

•     Develop M&E system and monitoring tools and formats for different units.

•     Provide M&E training for partners.

•     Develop methodology for Baseline Survey and provide technical assistance (e.g. finalization of questionnaire, monitor data collection activates including checking, feedback and suggestions to finalize report) to the external consultants.

•     Maintain Server (Domain Control and File Server).

•     Monitor performance of Internet and MIS systems, liaise with external service providers, and inform them about user problems.