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Enough is Enough.

It has been 18 months, since Limon Hossain a 16 year old boy, college student, lost his leg due to a failed operation by the counter terrorism force, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB).  On 23 March 2011, Limon who was living modestly with his family in Sathuria village Rajpur, was taking the cows to graze when he was shot and later maimed. His mother Henoara Begum filed an investigation report with the police after two wrongful charges were made against him.

After delayed submission of charge sheets, numerous postponed court hearings, 18 months later the police have responded to Henoara’s case with an investigation report which clears the RAB members involved in the case on the grounds of no evidence.

This is unacceptable.

Five investigation teams were formed. None of them have been made public. In the Police investigation, Limon and his family had not been interviewed or questioned.

Furthermore, soon after the police investigation report had been published, Limon’s mother, father, brother and uncle were attacked and falsely accused by a local known RAB informant, Md Ibrahim Howlader who is also the 17th witness in the RAB case filed against Limon.

This attack is not a single incident. It is done to intimidate and silence Limon and his family and to create a culture of fear in the locality.

Limon’s mother only announced a few days before this incident that she would be pursuing a ‘Naraji’ (no confidence) petition against the report made by local police.

Efforts for better protection for Limon and his family are a must. They have been through a traumatic journey, falling victims to a mistaken operation by the RAB, five investigations later and still no sign of justice or apology.

If Limon does not get justice then it will set a negative example in society and will frustrate our efforts to strive as a democratic nation practising and promoting human rights and particularly the constitutional right to life and equality under the law.

ASK demand an immediate, impartial, judicial inquiry. 

Despite maiming and injury, an unnecessarily prolonged investigation process which has interrupted not only Limon’s education but the livelihood of his family. We have witnessed various forces working against them, even where the Priminister Sheikh Hasina withdrew her supportive statement due to pressure from the powers that be.

Limon and his family have remained resilient.

ASK salute Limon and his family for bravely struggling to pursue truth and justice in a case which has demonstrated levels of state terrorism existing in our country.

We also want to show solidarity to those journalists who have helped support Limon and his mother by publicising the facts of this case to the nation.

August 29, 2012