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Follow Up | ASK Advocacy Unit

 Police lodged FIR as an informant with Ramu Police Station, Cox’s Bazar against Uttam Kumar Barua on the allegation of defilement as an insult to Islam which was numbered as Ramu Police Station Case No. 39 dated 30.09.2012 under section 295 of the Penal Code.

On that day, Police arrested Madhu Barua and Adi Barua, the mother and aunt of Uttam Kumar Barua in the name of safe custody. Later on they were shown as arrested and accused in connection with this case.

An application for bail was filed several times which were kept in the case record by the magistrate without passing any order.

 On 16.10.2012 ASK team comprising of Tipu Sultan, Senior Deputy Director, Abu Obaidur Rahman, Advocate, Abu Ahmed Foizul Kabir, Senior Investigator and Mahjabin Rabbani, Advocate went to Cox’s Bazar to provide legal aid to Madhu Barua and Adi Barua.

On 17.10.2012, ASK lawyers Abu Obaidur Rahman and Mahjabin Rabbani along with the local lawyer Mr. Arup Barua Topu appeared for bail of Madhu Barua and Adi Barua before the Magistrate Court which was fixed for the next day.

On the same day, High Court issued Suo Moto Rule against the arrest of Madhu Barua and Adi Barua. ASK appeared as an Intervenor in the Suo Moto Rule through its Lawyer Abantee Nurul and Md. Samiul Alam Sarkar.

On 18.10.2012, SP of Cox’s Bazar and Deputy Attorney General Mr. Amit Talukdar asked the High Court to allow Advocate Abu Obaidur Rahman and Tipu Sultan to meet with Madhu Barua and Adi Barua about their where they wanted to stay.

The ASK team accordingly consulted with Madhu Barua and Adi Barua about their choice of residence, they said that they were interested to stay at their own homes, respectively.

On the same date, High Court directed the concerned magistrate to set Adi Barua and Madhu Barua at liberty from confinement in jail at once stating that Madhu Barua and Adi Barua might stay in the circuit house, Chittagong or ASK’s shelter home or their own houses and the local police shall ensure their security. Following that order the concerned magistrate passed an order accordingly and Madhu Barua and Adi Barua were sent to their own houses under police protection.

On 19.10.2012, the team went to the houses of Madhu Barua and Adi Barua to observe their subsequent situation in respect of security and Abu Ahmed Faizul Kabir collected relevant document and information relating to damage of the intial incidence.


November 8, 2012