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ASK’s grave concern and condemns over the Government’s heavy-handedness to restrain teachers during their demonstration

Since 7 January 2013 hundreds of teachers and employees of non-governmental schools, colleges and technical educational institutions have been demonstrating for the inclusion of their education institutes in the monthly payment order (MPO) list. From the start, the Government have taken a strong position to stop the demonstration.

Instead of initiating dialogue with the teachers to meet their grievance, law enforcement agencies used force on the peaceful demonstration of teachers, teargas, batons, water canon and pepper spray were utilised to disperse them. Many teachers and staffs were injured. A press release issued by the teachers claimed that a teacher named Sikandar Ali, who sustained injuries during the demonstrations on January 10, died in Patuakhali early on 15 January 2013.


Teachers serve the future generations as '’builders of the nation'’. This type of treatment is not acceptable in any way. Every citizen has the rights to freedom of opinion and expression and also has the rights to freedom of assembly and association. Peaceful practice of these rights makes democracy more effective. ASK think that the resistance from police also violated the right of the teachers to express their views in a democratic way. ASK also demands that, Government should refrain from using force and should take an initiative immediately to have a dialogue with the teachers.Using toxic gas to disperse peaceful protesters.


Using a toxic gas to disperse peaceful protesters

These type of gases are harmful for the human body. It can cause occasional death. Recently these gases have been used during teachers demonstrations and many of them have been seriously injured.

It has been alleged that one of the injured teachers died after returning home.

It is the civil and political rights of every citizen to demonstrate peacefully for the fulfillment of their demands.  This kind of toxic gas never used any civilized country to oppress any demonstration. If law-enforcing agencies need to find alternative and peaceful ways to contain protest which becomes dangerous but to use this toxic gas to disperse protestors is unacceptable. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure citizens can partake in peaceful demonstration and basic security.

ASK demand that the Government should take immediate steps to stop using this toxic gas by considering the opinion of experts and give instruction to law enforcing agency to take peaceful action to stop any disorder in the movement.

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In November 2011 Californian Police used pepper spray against students and Alumni of University of California, Davis who were protesting tuition fees. The police man in the video (see link or picture) was caught spraying on non violent demonstrators.

Pepper-sprayed UC Davis students awarded $1 million in compensation

26 September 2012 RT News

College students and alumni that were injured when a police officer at the University of California, Davis, discharged military-grade pepper-spray in their face during a peaceful protest last year will split a settlement of roughly $1,000,000.

Members of the UC Regents board agreed earlier this month on a settlement to be split among the 21 demonstrators targeted by a campus cop since removed from the force, but the final amount was not disclosed until now. The Sacramento Bee reports on Wednesday that the board had decided behind closed doors on a figure of roughly $1 million.

"We did an injustice to our students that day at Davis, and some amount of recompense is appropriate,” UC Davis student regent Jonathan Stein told the Los Angeles Times after their meeting earlier this month. “More importantly, it’s time for us as an institution to publicly acknowledge that’s not the way we should treat our students; we were wrong, and we are moving forward.”

The terms of the settlement were unsealed in federal court Wednesday morning and, assuming the appropriate papers are authorized by a federal judge, each of the 21 plaintiffs in the case are expected to receive $30,000, totaling $630,000 in all. Additional plaintiffs are invited to come forward and file claims in order to collect from a pool of $100,000 set aside for a class action suit, and $250,000 will be handed to the attorneys who handled the case.

Lt. John Pike, the officer who injured the protesters during a peaceful demonstration that was caught on tape and took the Internet by storm, was placed on paid administrative leave for several months after the November 18, 2011 sit-in on the Davis campus. Student and alumni had gathered at the school to protest rising tuition fees.

The internal affairs investigation alone into Lt. Pike’s actions cost the university $230,256.73, the Bee reports.

Detail and Background on Incident 

Video of Incident

February 3, 2013