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Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) strongly criticises the announcement made by the Home Minister on prohibition of all kinds of political activities for the next one month in a Television interview. We consider that such announcement is a direct violation of the rights enshrined in the Constitution of Bangladesh.

There is no scope of violating or suspending the Constitutional rights unless an emergency is declared. According to the law, If the District Magistrate or Commissioner of Police is satisfied regarding the apprehension of deterioration of law and order or any imminent threat, then section 144 can be imposed subject to prior announcement. Besides, contradictory and conflicting statements of the representatives of the Government over the prohibition of political activities have triggered widespread confusion and raised insecurity in peoples’ mind.

ASK considers that this type of declaration violating the Constitutional rights reflects lack of confidence within the Government agencies.

ASK is calling upon the Government to immediately lift this ban which is inconsistent with the Constitutional provisions.

May 21, 2013