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ASK monitors the human rights situation in Bangladesh through regular media scanning, and through its own direct investigations.   

Documentation Unit: This Unit compiles and catalogues information on human rights, including relevant legislation and policies. The Unit’s activities include:

  • Monitoring media reports for allegations of human rights abuse and referring relevant cases to the legal aid or other units for immediate response;
  • Compiling press reports on subjects related to human rights and governance and tabulating and compiling statistics on human rights abuses;
  • Maintaining a library of books and periodicals on law and human rights;
  • Purchasing and cataloguing audio-visual materials produced by ASK and other organizations on human rights issues; and
  • Distributing ASK publications and periodicals

Contact Documentation Unit: ASK; Phone: +88 (02) 8126134, 8126137, 8126047, (ext - 125,134), Email:

Investigation Unit:
This Unit investigates allegations of human rights violations including through routine visits to police stations, hospitals and courts in Dhaka. It also responds to requests for information/investigation from other units in ASK. Its activities include:

  • Conducting fact finding missions into allegations of human rights violations;
  • Observing state institutions such as police stations, hospitals and courts (in Dhaka/);
  • Organizing and conducting fact-finding trainings for local journalists and human rights defenders
  • Networking with local journalists for joint action and advocacy in cases of human rights violations

Contact: Investigation Unit, ASK, Phone: +88 (02) 8126134, 8126137, 8126047, (ext - 122), email: