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ASK focuses its support to working children whom its considers particularly vulnerable to physical and mental abuse and exploitation. It aims to increase education levels of working children aged between nine to 15 years, to enhance their social and emotional well being and develop their own awareness of and ability to claim their rights. To this end, it offers health, educational support and legal protection to working children who register for educational activities at its drop-in-centres.


ASK provides a flexible system of education known as Jokhon Tokhon Shikkhah (learning anytime and whenever) for working children at its 13 drop in centres located in communities across Dhaka City. This programme is especially designed for children working irregular hours.  Trained ASK staff provide supervision and teaching, and monitor children’s interest and aptitude for learning.
The centers offer classes in literacy in language, arithmetic, art, painting, creative writing and drama as part of recreation, and encourage children to participate in national and international competitions.
ASK assists students interested in further studies to enroll in government and non-government schools, with the support of individual or organisational sponsorship.

ASK has developed a module ‘My World’ for the education programme it provides to working children.

Health Care:

ASK provides registered working children with free basic health care facilities under an agreement with Dhaka Community Hospital in Malibagh (DMCH) and other medical facilities, and bears the cost of prescribed medicines or surgery. It also provides children who visit the DICs with a mid-day meal.


Legal Protection:

The Legal Aid Unit responds to any referrals received regarding working children; these may concern allegations of exploitation at work, sexual abuse or violence.

Meetings with Guardians and Employers:

ASK holds regular meetings and workshops with employers and parents to sensitize them on child rights and their duties towards working children. It also conducts mobilization programmes with parents, employers, school teachers, local ward commissioners, and local youths in selected areas to develop awareness on child rights.

Your help to the working children

  • Supporting child artists: You can buy hand-made paper cards and calendars as well as paintings made by children at the DICs, knowing that the sale proceeds go directly to the child artists.
  • Sponsoring a child’s education: You can support children from the DICs who want to start a formal education in private or residential institutions, by contributing to their fees, tuition, books and other necessities. You can provide one-time or regular sponsorship to cover annual costs for a period of study. You will receive regular reports on the children’s progress. Please fill out the sponsorship form and return it to ASK. (Will be put in a box)

Contact: Child Rights Unit, ASK: Phone: +88 (02) 8126134, 8126137, 8126047 (ext – 126,148 ), E-mail: