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Sampadak Sameepeshu

Sampadak Sameepeshu is a compilation of ASK press releases issued during 2000-2009. Starting its endeavor in 1986 as a human rights watchdog, Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) always raises its voice against all sorts of Human Rights Violations. We believe, this publication will help the readers to get a picture of the Human Rights situation of the country during that period.

Page: 367
Price: 200

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Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Bangladesh

This publication is to let the people know about UPR and the advocacy initiatives of UPR Forum, Bangladesh. It is the compilation of reports reviewed during the UPR session held in Geneva in 2009 and the recommendations to Bangladesh made by the UN Human Rights Council.

Page: 123
Price: 150

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Negligence in Treatment

This publication is focused on not only medical negligence but also on negligence in the health care system. This is a compilation of investigation reports, interviews, articles and case studies. It also discusses legal remedies in cases of negligence.

Page: 191
Price: 200

War Crimes

A compilation of analytical papers, investigation reports, testimonies was a useful addition to the literature on war crimes committed in 1971. War Crime related national and international laws are also discussed in this publication.

Page: 240
Price: 200

Agency, Inequality and Human Rights by Salma Sobhan Memorial Lecture delivered by Professor Amartya Sen

Nobel Laureate Professor Amartya Sen delivered this lecture on the occasion of Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK)’s 20th anniversary in December 2006, drawing on Salma Sobhan’s contributions in developing ASK and BRAC’s legal literacy and legal aid programmes and the relevance of such work for the protection of human rights.

Page: 24
Price: 30

Twenty years on the front line by Dina Siddiqi

A commemorative report, issued on ASK’s 20th anniversary, this volume traces the evolution of ASK from a legal aid resource centre to a leading advocacy organisation that promotes gender and social justice, democratic practice and human rights. The volume provides insights into human rights activism in Bangladesh.

Page: 75
Price: 50
Download: PDF version (2.07 MB)

United Nations Human Rights Mechanisms by Qumrunnessa Nazly

This bilingual handbook gives an overview of Bangladesh’s ratification of UN human rights treaties and its record on submission of reports. It provides useful hands-on information on how to use the UN mechanisms effectively through monitoring and reporting.

Page: 260
Price: 250

An Account of Militancy in Bangladesh and the Trials (Bangla)

This publication is a compilation of analytical papers on the incidence of extremist violence in Bangladesh, survivor testimonies, investigative reports and chronological summaries of particular incidents. It examines the role of the Government and political parties, as well as views of politicians, lawyers and researchers on the rise of the militants. It also reviews relevant legislation enacted to address militant activities and details two court trials. Evidence of the financing of the militants and their connections with international networks is also analysed.

Page: 160
Price: 100

RAB: Stop Terrorism or Terrorism by the State

Since its formation in 2004 the methods used by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) to curb crimes and arrest criminals have aroused concern amongst leading human rights defenders. Reports of ‘death in cross fire’ or ‘encounter’ have raised questions about the impunity of law enforcement agencies. This publication throws light into cases of torture and extra judicial deaths by RAB; it includes investigation reports conducted by ASK, survivor testimonies, as well as interviews with legal experts and human rights defenders.

Bangla Version | English Version

Children Cry Alone by Lubna Marium
01 Elimination of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children and Youth in Bangladesh is a researched study on the situation of commercial and non-commercial sex abused children. It is focused on the socio-economic factors of abuse and exploitation. This volume can be a useful tool for advocacy as it attempts to:
* Identify common medical health and psycho-social needs of sexually exploited children;
* Explore the range and capacity of services available to sexually abused and exploited children in Bangladesh;
* Promote awareness of the situation of the sexually abused and exploited youth in Bangladesh;
* Use the knowledge as a base for development of training of service providers; Page: 120
Price: 70
Her Unfearing Mind - Women and Muslim Laws in Bangladesh by Sultana Kamal
02 This book reviews laws that apply to women in family relations such as marriage, divorce, custody etc. It also identifies the continuing sources of discrimination against women deriving from customary practice. This study was conducted as part of ASK’s research for Women Living under Muslim Laws (WLUML) and is an English translation of Manobir Nishonko Mon, by the same author, which is described below. Published in 2001
Price: 300
Contemporary Feminist Perspectives
11 Women’s studies have increasingly attained a multi disciplinary character the world over. Each discipline contributed to the growing body of research on women. Feminist thought and practice on the other hand enriched enquiry and research into areas hitherto unexplored by the various disciplines. This dynamism was however not reflected in much of the development literature, which incorporated gender concerns. In Bangladesh this was even more so. It is with the view to fill this gap that feminist scholars from various disciplines have contributed towards this anthology hoping to introduce and inform both future researchers as well as development activists of the various perspectives and dimensions being developed or addressed in disciplines such as history, literature, feminist thought and practice, legal theory and practice, and finally, the development discourse. Special attention is paid to relate these perspectives to the Bangladesh situation.
Rights and Realities

Rights and Realities is a collection of articles written by members and staff of Ain o Salish Kendra published in various national dailies over the period 1993 to 1996. Out of these, 35 articles have been published in this volume. The articles published here reflect upon significant legal, social and political issues, which were raised in national and international debates. Subjects such as war crimes, repressive laws, gender discrimination, practice of democracy, child rights, housing rights, which are included in this volume, continue to be relevant today. A Bangla translation of the book is available under the title "Adhikar o Bastobota".

Published in 1997
Price: 100

Narir 71 O Juddha Porobarti Kathya Kahini.
12 This is an invaluable documentation of the oral history of 19 women’s experiences of violence during Bangladesh’s war of liberation in 1971. These women were not publicly known, nor were they actively engaged in the historical changes. But the consequences of 1971 have affected them subsequently. As they narrate their memories of the violence of rape, widowhood, dislocation, they reveal a gendered history of the implications of conflicts and wars. Published in 2001
Price: 250
Smriti o Kotha-1971
13 This book is the first in the series Muktijuddhey Tarai Chhilen, an outcome of the project ‘Oral History Project’ conducted by Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) to document the stories of ordinary citizens during the nine months of our Liberation War. This memoir by Anjali Lahiri narrates her experiences of working in the refugee camps along the Meghalaya-Sylhet border.

Published in 1999.
Price: 60

Dharshon-Porobarti Aini Lorai
14 A simply written and illustrated handbook on legal procedures and legal aid that victims of rape can avail from ASK and other like-minded organizations.

Published in 1999.
Price: 40

Aine Nari Nirjatan Prosanga
15 The book specifically spells out provisions under the various enacted laws as to what legal remedies are available under Bangladeshi legislation for women victims of violence.

Published in 1998.
Price: 80

Amar Prithibi by Khursheed Erfan Ahmed
16 Amar Prithibi is a compilation of texts, modules and materials on general education for adolescent children. It shares experience of child centered learning with educators. Amar Prithibi has evolved from a series of workshops into a twelve unit syllabi on humanities facilitated by trained educators for working children at Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK), Dhaka. It is used as a Teacher’s Manual for Child centered learning with materials on 12 topics (Myself, My Body, My Health, My Food, My Country, My Environment, My Neighbours, My Culture, My Reproductive Health and Gender, My History, My Beliefs, My Rights) and is used both for literate and non-literate children and their parents.

Published in 1998
Price: 200

Adhikar o Bastobota
17 This is a Bangla translation of Rights and Realities, a collection of articles written by members and staff of Ain o Salish Kendra published in various national dailies over the period 1993 to 1996. Out of these, 35 articles have been published in this volume.

Published: in 1997
Price: 80

Paribarik Aine Bangladesher Nari
18 Laws relating to Women’s personal rights in Bangladesh.

Published in 1997
Price: 55

Manober Nishanka Mon by Sultana Kamal ed. Dhaka: ASK, 1995.
19 Women and Muslim laws in Bangladesh

Published in 1998.
Price: 150