RAB:Eradicating Crime or Crimes of the State? (English)

Tagore was well aware of the saga of the police, it was his good luck that never allowed him to come into contact with the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) the hybrid of the police and the army. If he had, he would have realized that these days if one falls into the hands of this species, one need not go through the hassle of ending up in an insane asylum. Instead one may get a one-way ticket and go directly to the afterworld. More...


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Executive Summary


Article (7p.-13p.)


Investigation Reports (15p.-26)


Press Conference (27p.-31p)




Dr. M. Enamul Haque (34p.-36p.)


Nizamul Haq Nasim (37p.-40p.)


Dr. Asif Nazrul (41p.-48p.)


Sara Hossain (49p.-54p.)


Newspapers (55p.-57p.)


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Statement of Asian Human Rights Commission, Bangladesh (99p.-100p.)


List of People Killed by RAB (updated up to 30 April 2005) (102p.-109p.)


News Headlines on RAB Activities (111p.-118p.)


Next (119p.-123p.)


Laws and Relevant Legal Provisions on RAB, Special Forces, Extra-judicial killings, right to life, liberty, fair trial and due process (125p.-126p.)


Law (127p.-131p.)


Law (132p.-133p.)


Law (134p.-139p.)