Deaths in Jail Custody | January – December 2013

  • 60 People died in Jail Custody in 2013 compared to 101 in 2012
  • 32 Convicted Prisoners died. These include deaths due to alleged police torture, illness, suicide, extreme conditions and health complications.
  • 28 Deaths of Prisoners Under Trial. Figures of deaths under police custody include cases of physical torture.   See Table below 

Suspicious Deaths in 2013

  • Negotiator of a real state business, Shamim Sardar and Md. Saiful Islam was forcefully abducted in front of a shop beside Molla Filling Station, Hemayetpur in a microbus by Akidul Islam, the ASI of Savar thana along with some other police members. Shamim was taken to Hemayetpur Tanary Police station and brutally tortured. The next day, Shamim’s dead body was found in Dhaka Midford Hospital’s morgue. Due to this incident 2 investigation committee was formed putting the extra sub-chief police inspector of Dhaka range and extra police Super of Dhaka district as head. It was noted in the report of the investigation committee that, the two Police officers and three Police Constables were found guilty against the complaint of murder, beating, extortion, theft, and it was included that Shamim was beaten to death by those Police men due to not getting the demanded money.
  • 1st September  in the prison cell of Barishals Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital, Samshed Hawlader suspiciously died under treatment. The family members of the dead complained that, after arresting him the SI of metopoliton DB police Helaluddin killed him by torture.
  • 17th November, a man named Jafar was killed in jail in Kustia, Daulatpur thana. His family member claimed that the police demanded 30 thousand taka bribe from him, and since they did not get the money, he was killed after physical torture.

 Constitution of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh

Article 31 : Right to Protection of the Law

Article 32 : Protection of Right to Life

Article 33: Safeguards in case of arrest or detention

Article 35 (5) Protection from torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading punishment or treatment.

State Obligations

The State has to ensure that laws providing for preventative detention because of reasons of public security must have safeguards against arbitrary detention.

  • The detention must be based on the grounds and procedures established by national law.
  • Information of reasons for detention must be based be provided.
  • There must be judicial control over the detention.
  • Compensation in case of breach of rights must be available.

Every person has the right to life, liberty and security of the person. 

The State should take effective legislative, administrative, judicial or other measures to prevent and provide protection against death in police custody due to torture.

Agents of the state should be held to account for such deaths for which they are responsible. 

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