Preparation of Government to Tackle Coronavirus : ASK’s Grave Concern

Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19) is quickly spreading throughout the world from one country to another. As of date, 3,08,535 people were affected and 13,069 died in this pandemic. Countries around the world are struggling to cope up with the most dangerous pandemic ever. Although this disease first spread in China in December 2019, in Bangladesh, the first affected patient was detected on 8 March 2020. It is sad but true that although the Bangladesh government got enough time to prepare itself to properly deal with this virus, it failed to show its farsightedness in taking effective precautionary and preventive measures to stop the spread of this virus.

The concerned ministers have boldly claimed time and again that the government has taken all the necessary preparations. However, according to mass media reports, even the newly designated corona helplines are not responding to the calls and queries of people. Hospitals are reluctant to provide healthcare support to those who come to the hospitals with symptoms of fever-cough-asthma. Even the hospitals chosen for corona treatment are sending back patients after recording information on whether they had come in contact with anyone returning from abroad. There are allegations that patients are dying as they are not getting necessary treatments in any of the hospitals. Moreover, no initiative are seen on part of the government to procure necessary treatment materials for the prevention and treatment of this pandemic. This is not only resulting in people remaining unaware but also the fact that there is a lack of availability of kits to diagnose a patient. There is a lack in the sufficiency of gloves, masks and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for the doctors providing healthcare service. Such lacking causes greater chances of spreading this disease among the doctors and nurses which is creating fear among them. It is needless to mention how important it was to take precautionary measures and preparation for an underdeveloped country like Bangladesh where the countries much advanced in healthcare facilities are struggling to deal with this virus. On 21 March 2020, a notice, signed by the director of Sir Salimullah Medical College Mitford Hospital, was circulated stating that due to the scarcity of the masks, it is not possible to distribute masks to all those involved in healthcare service. Everyone was advised to arrange masks by themselves to prevent the spread. Besides, although the government discouraged the gathering of crowds, people continue to make gathering through different government related activities, even in the name of awareness building programs. ASK thinks that for the safety of citizens living in overcrowded areas, especially slum dwellers and low-income people, steps immediately must be taken to provide necessary aid and awareness building supplies to them.

ASK also thinks that a comprehensive arrangement by the government is compulsory to prevent Corona virus so that people are massively made aware, necessary medical provisions are arranged, and effective treatment is given to the affected people immediately. Besides, the government is expected to take advice from experts and overcome this situation through assessing the exemplary initiatives taken by all the countries who played an effective role in controlling COVID-19.

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