ASK Demands Urgent Actions to Ensure Coordination and Effective Management in the Health Sector

In the fight against the spread of Corona virus lack of proper management, shortsightedness and lack of coordination in the health sector have put the affected patients and health service providers, doctors, nurse and technicians, into a great risk. Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) expresses grave concern over this matter and demands urgent and effective action from the highest authority of the government to solve this problem.

In order to deal with Corona virus, the doctors, nurses and technicians are working as the frontline warriors. Since the very beginning, people from different sectors have expressed their concern regarding the scarcity of necessary medical equipment including gloves, masks and PPE, which created fear amongst the doctors and hospitals. As a result, not only the treatment of Corona infected patients but also other general patients’ right to medical facilities has been severely hampered. Although later, different sectors including the government have taken initiative to make, import and supply enough medical equipment, a survey conducted by James P. Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University and Bangladesh Health Watch revealed that 25% doctors and 60% nurses, who are giving treatment to COVID-19 patients have not yet received any PPE. Besides, healthcare providers have shared that they are doubtful about the effectiveness of raincoat-like PPE.

The result of the survey was revealed through a virtual press conference held on Saturday, 18 April 2020. The survey also revealed the thoughts of the healthcare workers about PPE and their situation with medical treatment; according to the advice of World Health Organisation (WHO), a PPE is supposed to be destroyed once used but the healthcare workers in our country are advised to reuse the same PPE. This situation is creating serious mental stress among the healthcare workers. The survey has further revealed that although the doctors have learned by themselves the use and management of PPE, most nurses did not receive any such training. The result of this survey is a matter of serious concern. Meanwhile, many doctors and nurses got infected by this virus while providing treatment to the patients. It is really tragic that one of the health workers even died. There are allegations that apart from the insufficient supply of necessary medical and safety equipment, the treatment provided to affected doctors and nurses were weak, which is completely unacceptable. If necessary safety are not ensured for doctors, nurses and technicians, fighting this pandemic will be impossible. ASK demands urgent and effective initiative to be taken from the highest authority of government by considering this issue with utmost seriousness and addressing the concerns raised.

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