Tor: Hiring Consultant for CSO Strengthening and institutional capacity building

  1. Title of the assignment:
    CSO Strengthening and institutional capacity building.
  1. Background:
    Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) was established in 1986 as a national legal aid and human rights organization. Over the last thirty-six years, ASK has evolved a more comprehensive approach towards promoting, protecting, and preventing legal and human rights throughout the country. Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK), as a sub-grantee of BRAC has been implementing a project titled “AGNEE – Awareness, Actions, and Advocacy for Gender-Equal and Safe Spaces for Women and Girls” in Rajshahi and Gazipur district in Bangladesh. The action builds on BRAC’s and Ain o Salish Kendra’s (ASK) experience of providing human rights and legal aid services, preventing and protecting violence against women and girls, implementing gender-responsive interventions, collaborating with CSOs, GoB, private sectors, NGOs and community network. This is a three-year project from March 2022 to February 2025.

Bangladesh has observed a significant increase in female labour force participation, especially after the emergence of the manufacturing sector. Maximum women workers of this sector are from low socio-economic and educational backgrounds and have migrated from rural areas, and are currently living in slums near their workplaces. Besides other vulnerabilities, they experience various forms of gender-based and sexual violence in their workplaces, public spaces, in and around public transportations and even in digital platforms. The absence of any legal framework despite High Courts directive (2009) to address Sexual Harassment (SH) at the workplace and public spaces through another directive by High court in 2011 to address stalking, lack of redress mechanism at the workplace and public transportation sector, barriers in accessing services, culture of victim-blaming, socio-cultural norms and practices are some significant challenges behind this situation. Above all, there is a need for comprehensive interventions to address different forms of sexual violence at multiple levels.

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) will conduct training for local level CSOs including women led organizations which lack organisational and technical capacity to address and advocate to prevent physical, verbal, psychological and online SHs and will benefit from this action to strengthen their capacity. To identify the improving area, ASK will organize need assessment for the CSOs in Rajshahi and Gazipur district. Based on the assessment, the programme will develop training curriculum to build the capacity of local CSOs.

Another target group is RMG factories and other workplaces that do not have any or have ineffective, non-standard SH redress policy, formal internal complaint mechanisms.

Educational institutions will also be targeted by the action as these do not have adequate mechanisms to orient and support students facing SH incidents including online harassment. The action will contribute to increased awareness of school management committees, teachers and students on SH and GBV including setting redress mechanism at educational institutions.

  1. Objective of this assignment:
  • The independent consultant/consultancy firm will be able to identify the skills, needs and institutional capacities of Civil Society Organizations- CSOs (Total of 14 CSOs: 9 CSOs in Rajshahi and 5 CSOs at Gazipur) on prevention, protection, and referral services and policy advocacy against any form of sexual harassment (physical, verbal, psychological and cyber);
  • The independent consultant/consultancy firm will be able to strengthen the CSOs intuitional capacity;
  • The independent consultant/consultancy firm will be able to prepare the capacity building plans for each CSOs; and
  • At the end of this project, each CSO should be capacitated to raise their voice for policy advocacy local level to national level; the consultant/consultancy firm will work for that.
  1. Responsibilities:
  • The consultant/firm will be responsible to facilitate total of 53 trainings (19 trainings in Gazipur and 34 trainings in Rajshahi) within June 2023;
  • At least 16 trainings will be conducted by February 2023 (the number of one day long training on “Community women leaders selection & leadership” in Rajshahi is 6 and the number of two days long training on “prevention, protection and referral services with CSO representatives & development of action plan” in Rajshahi is 4; the number of one day long training on “Community women leaders selection & leadership” in Gazipur is 3 and the number of two days long training on “prevention, protection and referral services with CSO representatives & development of action plan” is 3 in Gazipur). Remaining trainings will be shifted from March to June 2023.
  • The firm/individual consultant will be responsible for conducting the assigned trainings for 14 CSOs in the project area (9 CSOs in 9 upazilla of Rajshahi and 5 CSOs in 5 upazilla of Gazipur);
  • The consultant/firm will be responsible for ensuring the evidence-based reporting after completion each program/event with selected CSOs;
  • The consultant/firm will ensure documentation of best practices from the CSOs for the Donor and for policy advocacy and will share the learning materials with ASK and other CSOs;
  • The consultant/firm’s focal will work as a team with AGNEE project’s team;
  • The consultant/firm will assist the CSOs to develop annual action plans;
  • The consultant/firm will assist the CSOs to upgrade the annual plans;
  • The consultant/firm will analyze the existing institutional knowledge of each CSO;
  • The consultant/firm will follow the designated manuals of Ask on GBV, SH and Leadership;
  • The consultant/firm will prepare the CSOs for participating in any policy advocacy work; and
  • The ASK authority reserves the right to assign any extra official duties (as per requirement from donor or ASK side) to fulfil the assignment.
  1. Working area:

The Project area is Gazipur and Rajshahi. The consultant/the focal person of the consultancy firm will have to visit the Upazillas of targeted districts to meet with selected 14 CSOs member’s (9 CSOs in all upazilla of Rajshahi and 5 CSOs in all upazilla of Gazipur). The consultant/the focal person of the consultancy firm may stay at Rajshahi or Gazipur, because s/he will have to visit frequently in the project areas to meet CSOs.

  1. Scope of work
  • To review the project documents (PP, concept note etc.)
  • To analyze and to modify the existing policy of each CSOs (as per need);
  • To analyze the existing institutional capacity of each CSOs and their staff capacity as well;
  • To develop/design individual capacity building plan for each CSOs.
  1. ASK Responsibilities:
  • Share relevant documents related to the assignment;
  • Introduce with team members and CSOs;
  • Regularly communicate, coordinate and provide feedback;
  • ASK will brief the project to the consultant/ firm (online or in person).
  1. Requirements:
  • At least Master’s degree, preferably in Development Studies, Gender Studies, Political Science, Social Science, Sociology or any other relevant discipline from any recognized university.
  • Comprehensive expertise regarding Institutional capacity building;
  • Respective attitude to right based activities;
  • Good knowledge on Human Rights, Women Rights, Child rights, GBV, SH, relevant national & international conventions and related laws/Acts, charters etc. in Bangladesh;
  • Self-motivated and energetic individual with willingness to travel to working areas;
  • At least 5 to 7 years’ experience of institutional capacity building;
  • Profile of every resource persons who will be involved with this assignment (this is applicable for consultancy firm/company); and
  • The ability to communicate effectively both in English and Bangla.
  1. Consultancy period:
  2. Consultancy fees:
  3. General Terms and Conditions:
  • ASK reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal without giving any verbal and/or written rationale;
  • All reports and documents prepared during the assignment will be treated as ASK’s property;
  • The reports/documents or any part cannot be sold, used and reproduced in any manner without prior written approval of ASK;
  • ASK and its representatives reserve the right to monitor the quality and progress of the work during the assignment.
  • The consultant will have to comply with relevant policies and procedures of ASK during service period at ASK.
  1. Key communication:

Project Coordinator of the project.

  1. Application process:
  • Interested candidates (consulting firm/research firm/agency/organization/individual) should forward their applications including updated CV (not more than 4 pages) and express their interest to highlighting consultancy profile and experiences relevant to this assignment (consultancy firm/company will have to submit the profile of every resource person who will be involved with this assignment);
  • TIN certificate should be shared with profile.
  1. Terrorism and money laundering issues:

If any proof of engagement in any terrorism and money laundering issues is found, ASK will reject the proposal without assigning any reason.

  1. Child Protection Policy, Code of Conduct and Sexual Harassment Protection Policy:

The firm/organization/individual shall comply with the Child Protection Policy, Code of Conduct and Sexual Harassment Protection Policy of ASK. Any violation/deviation in complying with ASK’s child protection policy, Code of Conduct and Sexual Harassment Protection Policy will result in termination of the agreement.

Last Date of Submission: 21 December, 2022