ToR: Monitoring Framework

Background: Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) was established in 1986 as a national legal aid and human rights organisation. Over the last thirty-six years, ASK has expanded a more comprehensive approach to promote, protect, and prevent legal and human rights throughout the country. ASK’s strategies are to promote human rights awareness and community activism; offer legal aid through mediation and litigation while survivors receive psycho-social counselling; conduct investigations and documentation into human rights violations and file public interest litigation for law and policy reforms supplemented by research which facilitates to media and advocacy campaigns to defend human rights of all, especially human rights defenders in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, Child Rights Advocacy Coalition, Bangladesh (CRAC’B) is one of the most vibrant Coalition working for child rights since 2013. ASK is the Secretariat of the Coalition. It is encompassed of most of the front-line child rights organisations in the country. This Coalition has for the first time established a child rights monitoring system and executed effective follow-up advocacy in Bangladesh in line with UPR and UNCRC mechanism. The Coalition was set up to strengthen and mobilise the civil society in establishing a systematic monitoring, reporting and conducting follow up advocacy initiatives on child rights situation jointly with organisations that share similar goals and objectives.  The Coalition has developed a monitoring framework based on UPR and UNCRC recommendations to systematically monitor and report the implementation of the government’s commitments in 2014. The Coalition also develops annual report on the situation of children based on the findings collected through using the framework.

At this stage, the Coalition wants to review the existing framework to update it and make it more user-friendly to ensure collection of specific and relevant information. Thus, to ensure the sustainability of the continuous monitoring on the progress of implementation of the UPR and UNCRC recommendations utilising the monitoring framework, making it functional and strengthen the capacity of the CSOs in Bangladesh to integrate the rights of children within their priority areas, the Coalition is going to review the child rights monitoring framework and develop an operational guideline under the “Civil Society Organisations advancing child rights activism through the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) mechanism in Bangladesh” project.

  1. Objectives:
  • To review the existing child rights monitoring framework and update the framework;
  • To develop an operational guideline for the users/CSOs who will collect information from the field level using the framework.
  1. Scope:

The scope of work for this ToR are as follows:

  • Review the existing child rights monitoring framework based on the UPR and UNCRC recommendations and in consistent with relevant national and international standards.
  • Develop a user manual with detail guidelines for using the framework which may include graphics, templates, charts or any other communication method as appropriate.
  1. Competency/Qualifications:
  • Master’s Degree in Law/ Gender studies/ Sociology/ Development Studies with specific experience on Monitoring and Evaluation of the project related to child rights/human rights.
  • At least ten (10) years’ experience in program/project operations/ institutional operations consultancy services preferably with United Nations (UN) or Inter-Governmental Organizations (IGOs), International NGOs (INGOs) or NGOs.
  • Proven record of developing M&E framework, operational guideline and successful implementation of it.
  • Knowledge and experience on child rights issues would be a plus.
  • Skills in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, specifically social norms, approach to draw findings from multiple sources for the work. Therefore, consultant must have good logical analysis, and writing skills to capture and communicate the process well.
  1. Timeframe:

The consultancy is expected to be started and completed between 1 June and 30 July 2023 following the tentative deadlines:

Deliverable Tentative deadline
First draft 30 June 2023
Final Document 30 July 2023
  1. Deliverables:
  • A comprehensive monitoring mechanism (reviewed and updated monitoring framework, and developed operational guideline) will be finalised following the requirements outlined in this ToR document.
  • All the deliverables must be developed in English.
  • The consultant or consultancy firm will provide an orientation on the updated framework and the operational guidelines to the coalition members.
  • Finalise the assignment in consultation with the ASK.
  • The assignment will be delivered to Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) after finalisation, with appropriate documentation and support provided.
  1. Budget and Mode of Payment:

The Budget for this service is BDT 100,000/- [One lac taka only] (including VAT and TAX). The payment will be made in two installments, 30% will be paid after signing of the contract, the rest 70% after the completion of the assignment.

  1. Submission of proposal and deadline:

Interested candidates (consultancy / firm / agency / organisation / individual) should forward their applications and express their interest to in the email, by 4 June 2023.

  1. Ownership:

ASK would have complete ownership and use of the monitoring framework and operational guideline developed for it.

  1. General Terms and Conditions and Disclaimers:
  • ASK reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal without giving any verbal and/or written rationale;
  • All frameworks, guidelines, manuals, forms and/or any other tools developed during the assignment will be treated as ASK’s property;
  • The framework, operational guideline or any part of the deliverables cannot be sold, used and reproduced in any manner without prior written approval of ASK;
  • ASK and its representatives reserve the right to monitor the quality and progress of the work during the assignment.
  1. Terrorism and money laundering issues:

If there any proof of engagement in any terrorism and money laundering issues, ASK will reject the proposal without assigning any reason.

  1. Child Protection Policy, Code of Conduct and Sexual Harassment Protection Policy:

The firm/organisation/individual shall comply with the Child Protection Policy, Code of Conduct and Sexual Harassment Protection Policy of ASK. Any violation/deviation in complying with ASK’s child protection policy, Code of Conduct and Sexual Harassment Protection Policy will result in termination of the agreement.

  1. Contact Person:

Tamanna Hoq Riti, Coordinator, Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK), Email:

Last Date of submission: 4 June 2023.