ToR on Hiring Consultant for Module Development, MAITREE Project

Terms of Reference (ToR) for hiring Consultant “Policy review/ development on Safeguarding & PSEA policy, Child Rights policy and Human Rights Nitimala”


  1. Background/ Introduction about the Organizations:

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) is one of the leading human rights and legal aid organizations in Bangladesh. Since its inception ASK has been working for the protection and promotion of human rights (HR) of vulnerable communities, gender and social justice through community activism, social mobilization, capacity building, legal services, advocacy and policy intervention. ASK takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to the promotion and protection of human rights in particular of women, children and other groups, through mediation, litigation, shelter and psycho-social counselling, monitoring and investigating human rights violations, media campaigns and public interest litigation for law and policy reform.

Committed to attaining gender equality in every sphere of life, ASK’S strategies specifically focus on protecting women’s rights. At the same times, its concern for civil and political rights is expressed through legal aid to victims/survivors of arbitrary arrest, preventive detention, taking a stand against unlawful evictions, extrajudicial killings, torture and death in custody, condition of prisoners and interest of religious and ethnic minorities.

ASK’s advocacy is carried out both at the national, regional and international level. ASK’s publications are an important means of disseminating information and knowledge. ASK executes activities through direct implementation and partnership with like-minded local NGOs, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Schools, lawyers, local cultural organizations and other stakeholders’ forum.

  1. Project Overview:

Since August 2017, vulnerable Rohingya and Host communities’ lives have been deeply affected by the refugee crisis in the Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh. The impact of the influx on ecosystems, livelihoods and basic multi services has been severe with the immense strain being placed upon local capacities and tolerance. In the both communities GBV and harmful practices, sexual exploitation and Trafficking continues to be a considerable concern. In addition, during these five years aggravated pre-existing tensions between host communities and Rohingya, whilst putting additional pressure on the already fragile socioeconomic structure in Cox’s Bazar.

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) has been working for peace building and social cohesion among Rohingya and host communities, through the “MAITREE: Promoting women’s participation in peace building and social cohesion” project supported by UN WOMEN since December 2019. UN WOMEN has been supporting women’s participation and leadership for promotion of social harmony and prevention of community conflict and extremism in target upazilas, these initiatives promote tolerance, cohesion and better relationship expanding and consolidating their networks wherever possible. Maitree project aim to contribute to promoting social cohesion by empowering women from the Rohingya refugee community located in Camp 3 and those living in the Raja Palong Union in the Upazila of Ukhiya peace builders and active participants in decision making.  The project has been implement focusing on Elimination of Violence against Women in host community and camp through considering social peace and cohesion with coordination and networking with different stakeholders. MAITREE Project has been contributing to increased social harmony, prevention of community conflict and extremism by promoting women participation and leadership.

  1. Purpose/ Rationale of this work:

Under the Maitree project proposal Output 3: Local women rights organizations’ capacities strengthened for promoting social cohesion and addressing GBV at local level and the Key Activities Under Output 3: four (4) Policy to be develop/review and revise the four policy as below-

1.Safeguarding policy,

  1. PSEA policy,
  2. Child Rights policy and
  3. Human Rights Nitimala’

The policy will be focusing on to orient the project staffs to promote adolescent and youth leadership and enhance participation in decision making process at the community level as well family level to improve sensitization on and attitude towards SRHR and menstrual hygiene management and prevention and risk mitigation with adolescent girls in sectorial programming in context of complex humanitarian perspective.

Identified some specific objectives for addressing child protection, Safeguarding, PSEA, Human Rights issues

  • Identify the gaps of existing ASK child protection policy and safeguarding, PSEA & Human Rights mechanism and issues, implementation system and practice according to the recommendation.
  • Make it a public document for all stakeholders of ASK
  • Improve coordination, communication and coherence among ASK, partners and other relevant actors relating to Safe Guarding; Contribute to improved accountability towards affected populations.
  • Prepare an action plan based on the approved policy for implementation within the

Expected Deliverable and Output:

The consultant is expected to deliver

  1. Conduct an initial review/develop sessions with the organization for the present safeguarding policy, PSEA, Human Rights policy structure, procedure, implementation.
  2. Study several safeguarding policy, PSEA, Human Rights policy policies and procedure of other organization and feedback.
  3. Develop a safeguarding policy, PSEA, Human Rights policy and procedure, that should address:
  4. Organization self-assessment to identify current status
  5. Introduction of safeguarding policy, PSEA, Human Rights policy, definition, global policies and standard
  6. Prevention pathways, procedures and toolkit
  7. Training and awareness raising
  8. Risk mitigation and safe programming
  9. Toolkit for investigation, reporting and punishment procedures
  10. Referral pathways and toolkit
  11. Safeguarding Organogram
  12. Hold stakeholder meeting to validate the draft safeguarding policy, PSEA, Human Rights policy
  13. Finalize safeguarding policy,PSEA, Human Rights policy and submit to ASK

Time Span

This assignment is expected to be carried out for a period of 20 days. Firstly, 07 days for information collect through different secondary information collection and in-depth interview; Secondly, 8 days for preparing draft policy; thirdly, 02 days for sharing session; and next 03 days for finalize the draft and submission. The consultant will submit a detailed plan of work as part of the EOI.

Institutional Arrangements

The consultant will report directly to the Executive Director of the ASK, will provide relevant background, documents, necessary information for the assignment. The ASK, Project Manager Cox’s Bazar shall be responsible for the coordination of meetings, sharing sessions and other activities under the consultancy.


  1. a) Academic Qualifications

At least a master’s degree/ preferable PhD in HR Management or development field.

  1. b) Experience

– At least five years proven experience in building and strengthening safeguarding systems, policies and frameworks.

  • Excellent understanding of current Safeguarding & PSEA policy, Child Rights policy and Human Rights best practices and activities.
  • Demonstrated experience in working with Non- Government organization and other stakeholders

in public sector development programs especially in the area of capacity development.

  1. c) Skills and Competencies:
  •  Ability to work with minimal supervision;
  • High level written and oral communications skills in English and Bengali.


Read Expression of Interest (EOI).

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