Advocacy and Networking

Campaign and Advocacy

Ask promotes and upholds the principles of human rights by the means of media, national, regional, and global mechanisms. It holds a UN ECOSOC Consultative status since 1998. Furthermore, ASK uses Public Interest Litigation (PIL) as a tool to reform laws and policies.


ASK initiates a network of the community human rights activists and engages with relevant national, regional, and international networks for influencing policies, justice, and universal human rights.

 Investigation & Monitoring

ASK aims for the behavioral changes of the public institutions in favour of promoting and protecting human rights. It systematically monitors and strengthens public accountability. The human rights groups volunteers across the country work as the frontiers to investigate and report on human rights situation. The defenders protest to the incidences of human rights violations (HRV) and conduct advocacy with relevant state authorities and other stakeholders to bring responsiveness in respecting human rights. They keep ASK updated about the human rights situation across the country.


ASK documents and disseminates information on human rights by tracking incidents of human rights violation from the national dailies. It takes legal and humanitarian actions to address such incidents. ASK’s human rights resources centre (HRRC) collects data and prepares cumulative statistical charts on HRVs for wiser reference of the human rights researchers, journalists, academicians and activists.

 Publication and Communication

ASK serves as a knowledge hub of human rights information in Bangladesh. It publishes a quarterly journal titled, “Bulletin” in Bangla as well as a range of other publications such as periodicals, books and pamphlets bearing ASK’s insignia. The focus of such publications are contemporary human rights issues and issues of laws and policy. ASK contributes to legislation and judgment, popular media and human rights periodicals. ASK publishes yearly human reports in Bangla and English.