Child Rights unit

While concerned to eliminate child labour in the long run, Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK)’s Child Rights Unit (CRU) accepts the reality that, for the time being, children living in poverty in Bangladesh have no alternative but to work in order to support themselves and their families. Accordingly, CRU focuses its efforts on:

CRU follows a multi-dimensional approach to providing education. The approach combines non-formal education methodology, with a variety of other interventions that are designed to help children who are involved in hazardous job to acquire a buoyant sense of their own capability and future possibilities; re-orient parental attitudes so as to transform child-rearing patterns from providing negative reinforcement to providing positive encouragement; and bring about a significant change in the perspectives of both the community and the government regarding child rights and their own responsibilities for actualizing such rights. Consequently, in addition to providing non-formal primary school education (up to class 5) and vocational training trough community-based “Child Labor friendly space” centers CRU offers a series of intensive training workshop to change social perspectives among not only children, but parents, employers (employing child labour), school children whose homes employ child domestic workers, community leaders, and government official. The goal of the project is stop hazardous child labor and establishes rights of working children.

CRU also works with GAA Bangladesh which has been working on gender based violence to readdress especially online sexual exploitation through implementation of its activities towards 2020 outcomes to stop violence on the young girls children and women. Analyzing different pathways of change, actors like; government, private sector, CSOs and community and media have made important changes in addressing GBV through policy changes and actions in local and national level. The role of community people and media has to create more vibrant and further capacity building support to combating GBV. It also recognized that CSO networks have contributed their capacities to collaborate with national, regional and international human rights bodies.

Advocacy and monitoring of the child rights situation in Bangladesh. The Unit serves as the Secretariat for 31 child rights organizations in Bangladesh, which are responsible for the shadow report and UPR Report (Universal Periodic Review) that is periodically submitted to the Convention of the Rights of the child (CRC) Committee of the UN and OHCHR (Official of the High Commission for the Human Rights), on the state of child rights in Bangladesh relative to Bangladesh’ commitment under the CRC.

CRU has trying to take initiative to eliminate the all forms of violence of children through the national and regional networks.