Investigation Unit

From its beginning, ASK has been effectively working in the field of monitoring human rights situation in Bangladesh. Considering the importance and requirements of investigation related activities, verified information, data, documents or reports, ASK established the Investigation Unit on May 1994. Since then, the Investigation unit has been playing significant role to attain the goal & objectives of ASK through investigation and reporting on human rights situation, especially, violation of human rights.

ASK’s investigation of HRVs are a very useful source for litigation, advocacy, campaign or any other remedial purpose to protect and promote human rights. Out of monitoring & investigation activities, the Unit is also engaged in community mobilization against any human rights violation. The Unit provides fact-finding training for human rights activists working at grass root level. Besides these, the unit is also very much responsive and cooperative to any kind of urgent call in any crisis, even to communicate with national and international concern authorities/bodies to initiate expected response against violation/issues related to rights.



  • Investigation unit undertakes incidents/issues for investigation from scanning the daily newspapers, from daily action meetings and other sources. Then the assigned Investigator/s (generally a team of two members) visit spots of occurrence and other places related to the incidents, interview persons concerned to collect verified information and documents. The members of Human Rights defenders forum (HRDF) investigate HRVs occurred in the respective area/s and send their reports to the Unit.
  • Investigative reports are used for remedial follow-up actions by ASK or concern government authorities, even these reports are sometimes submitted to the High Court as per the request.
  • Considering the frequency and numerous violations of human rights in Bangladesh (which has increased demand for more investigative activities) as well as, the limitation of Investigation Unit to response in all issues, the Unit is also working for community mobilization, i.e. organizing human rights activists under district based Human Rights Defenders Forum and developing their skills, to ensure investigation and community response at local and national level.
  • Besides all these, the Unit regularly writes letters to concern authorities seeking necessary legal actions against various type of human rights violation.
  • The Unit also provides Fact-finding and report writing trainings to staff of ASK, as well as, staff of other organizations (such as BRAC, NHRC) if/when requested.




The Unit carries out its activities all over the country. At the same time, certain activities like community mobilization and skill development are going on in selected 18 districts which to be extended to 20 districts in southern and western part of Bangladesh within the next five years.



  • Conducting investigation by the Unit staffs into allegation of human rights violation,
  • Arranging investigation by members of district base local Human Rights Defenders Forum (HRDF).
  • Organizing local Human Rights activists under Human Rights Defenders Forum at several districts to monitor and investigate human rights violation in respective areas.
  • Conducting capacity building training on fact-finding and reporting for HRDF members and other human rights activists, such as – journalists, lawyers, development workers, and others – at regional and national level.
  • Initiating legal remedy against HRs violations by concern authority, as well as, by ASK.
  • Providing emergency support to survivors, if/when necessary.
  • Campaigning through press and electronic media, if/when necessary.
  • Responding to any emergency situation if necessary.

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