Publication and Communication Unit (PCU)

One of the oldest Unit of ASK, Publication and Communication Unit (PCU) plays a behind-the-scenes but significant role in ASK’s advocacy efforts to reorient public opinion and encourage human rights activism.  The Unit first started its journey by publishing “Sanglap”, an issue-based publication, in December 1993.

The Unit works for publishing periodicals, books and pamphlets bearing ASK’s insignia. The focus of such publications is contemporary human rights issues and issues of laws and policy. PCU’s periodicals have emerged as an important resource used by members of the legal profession, law students and human rights activists.


Coming out quarterly, Bulletin is a regular publication of ASK in Bangla since 1994, containing the news and analysis of the latest changes in the laws and policies affecting human rights, analysis of judgments and directives from courts in upholding human rights and gender issues.

Every year the PCU publishes various books focusing human rights and gender issues. Issues of the books range from core human rights to the contemporary national human rights issues. Besides publishing books according to its (PCU) own initiative and in the line of ASK’s policy, the PCU also help publish books and pamphlets of the other Units of ASK.

The PCU regular arranges publication of articles in different national daily newspapers. Apart from analyzing the laws and the human rights situations and issues, these articles raise voice and express concern over the violation of women rights and human rights and help raise awareness and form opinion on these issues. This helps us in reaching the common people and raises awareness and form opinion on contemporary issues.

PCU publishes pamphlets on different legal and gender issues. These pamphlets present different civil, criminal and personal laws, which are used in everyday life, in a simple language.

Currently the Unit has three staffs and renowned writer Shaheen Akhter has been working as an editor since the beginning of the Unit.

Some major Publications of the Unit are – Manobir Nishongko Mon, Paribarik Ain a Bangladesh er Nari, Jonosharte Mamla, Juddhaparadh, Cikitshai Obohela, RAB- Santrash Nirmul Na Rashter Santrash, Narir 71 o Juddhaporoborti Katthokahini, Ainer Katha etc.

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