Advancing Child Rights through UPR & UNCRC Mechanism Project

ASK is a national legal aid and human rights organisation that actively works towards the promotion and protection of human rights culture in Bangladesh. The action builds on ASK’s experience in working towards the enhancement, protection and promotion of rights of the disadvantaged groups, including the women and children in Bangladesh, implementing gender responsive interventions, collaborating with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), government of Bangladesh, and other Non-government organisations. It induces on the experience of ASK’s engagement in monitoring, reporting and following-up on the rights situation of the country through the international human rights monitoring mechanism, including the charter-based monitoring mechanisms, such as involvement in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), sending communication through Special Procedures to the Special Rapporteurs on thematic issues, as well as the treaty-based monitoring mechanisms, such as submitting periodic reports from the stakeholders. ASK’s foundational experience in conducting advocacy with other government agencies during the various review processes aided in having the expert committee to accept a high number of the recommendations placed by the organisation.

Child Rights Advocacy Coalition in Bangladesh (CRAC, B) is one of the most vibrant coalition in Bangladesh working for the promotion and protection of child rights since 2013. Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) has been playing an active role as member since its inception and as the Secretariat since 2018. The Coalition is encompassed of most of the frontline child rights platforms in the country, with organisations and forums alike. For the first time in Bangladesh, the Coalition established a child rights monitoring system and executed a working follow-up advocacy in Bangladesh in line with UPR and UNCRC mechanism. ASK through CRAC, B aims to facilitate more stronger Civil Society platform and strengthen collective efforts to support the Government and other stakeholders in this process. Read More about the Project


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