Victims of Rape | January – December 2013

Rape CasesSee Table below

  • 813 Cases reported and 185 attempts to Rape.
  • 287  victims were aged under 18, 188 of them were 12 or under
  • 256 Gang Rapes
  • Only 553 of those cases were filed
  • 87 Women died as a result of the Rape/Attack
  • 14 Women Commit suicide

Rape of Minors

30 August 2013Alarming Rise in Violence Against Women – 10 year old raped then hit with a brick by rapist.

21 October 2013 Gang Rape of 14 Year old in Police Station – ASK Investigation and documents

Gang Rape

19 December 2013Police Yet to Make any Headway in Pangsha Gang Rape Case – The perpetrator is a nephew of a local ruling party leader.

Rape Committed by Law Enforcement Officials

24 August 2013 Bangladeshi Woman Raped by Indian Border Security Force 

ASK Documentation :

Police man charged with Rape (New Age Newspaper) 18 February 2013,  Rape by Military Personnel (Amar Desh) 23 March 2013, Rape by Policeman reported in the Ittefaq 7 December 2013

Recommendations the Government have accepted from Member State Regarding Violence Against Women in the Universal Periodic Review 2013.

  1. Further criminalise violence against women and girls, prosecute perpetrators and adopt legislation on sexual harassment (Republic of Moldova)
  2. Ensure that all acts of violence against women and girls are criminalised, that perpetrators are prosecuted and punished, and that victims of violence have access to immediate measures of protection, reparations and social reintegration (Uruguay)
  3. Remove all obstacles faced by women in accessing justice, and ensure that decisions are not contrary to the law and do not result in extrajudicial punishments  (Uruguay)
  4. Prevent violence against women by proper enforcement of laws and ensure prosecution and punishment of the real offenders through proper investigation and judicial process  (Pakistan)

Stakeholders at a National Seminar held by the Human Right Forum Bangladesh recommended the Government  should ensure quick response from law enforcing agencies in addressing violence against women and children and reinforcev implementation of the existing laws to stop all forms of violence. There have been no further actions taken since the UPR Plenary Session in September 2013.

Bangladesh Constitution

Art.27: Right to Equality before the law, Art 28