Public meeting on HR issues

Establishing culture of human rights in the society, Gender and Social Justice Unit is playing vital role to develop its partner in their respective areas. Upon this, the unit designed some of activities and initiative such as coordination and network between local organization to protect violation of human rights, compilation of information on human rights situation and end of the year published district based human rights report. 4 District based Human Rights Report were published. DC (in the absence of DC ADM , SP (in the absence of SP ASP), Jail Super, Govt. Officers from the office of Education, Health,  Agriculture , Social Welfare , Cultural activists were present and given their valuable comments , added information, made commitments to take actions in those public meetings.

The major achievements were:

  • Most of launchings were moderated by the District based Manobadhikar Forum , all chaired by District based Manobadhikar Forum (MF) . This indicates the ownership of the report.
  • All the forum members were present in public meetings.
  • Comparison of three years was presented in the report. The forum gradually incorporating the comments received during the launching.
  • The condition of Jail prison and law and order situation in some of the areas has been improved and it is focused in the report.

 The comments and suggestion came from the audience including state    authority:

  • The report is a good document of the district and the concerns raised in the report should be taken care of.
  • The report is a rigorous work and it should be continued.
  • The statistical data gathered from the DC office so the office of the DC and concerned departments could not avoid responsibility.
  • The updated actions taken by the Govt. can be focused in the report.
  • There should be a comparison with the Citizen’s Charter, Policies, laws, International treaties are mentioned in the report, so that we can see the achievements and the actions to be taken.
  • There should be an analysis on whether any achievement has place or not.